Security and Protection for RUN users

Security and Protection for RUN users

With TagoRUN, you can provide actions and methods to increase your application's security and protection for your Run users, as well as make your application comply with the main laws regarding data privacy and security by providing your end-user safeguards to prevent inappropriate access to their personal data.

By accessing your Run module and selecting the tab 'Security and Protection', you will be able to implement and customize how the account delete requests will be processed, enable two-factor authentication, define the requirements for creating passwords, and protect your application against robot activities.

Delete request process

Deleting end-user data is a significant decision for an application, and TagoIO wants to help you make the best choice. In doing so, you can define which processes the user must follow in order to delete their account.

You can choose to enable the following options:
  1. Send an email to the profile owner: you can receive an e-mail and manually process the request through the User Management module.

  2. Immediately delete user account: you can consent to TagoIO to process the request and immediately delete the user account. 

  3. Run an Analysis: you can implement a script to analyze and process the requests using Analysis and our SDK

TagoIO will never remove any Run User data without your consent. To allow the immediate deletion of an end-user, you must activate the option 'Immediately delete user account'.

Two-factor authentication

Allows your end-users to add an extra level of protection to their accounts by requiring more than just a password, but also a second authentication mechanism that only the user knows or has access to. Once enabled, Run users can access their Account Settings and configure the authentication method, similar to Two-factor Authentication on Admin.

You can enable the following authentication methods:
  1. App Authenticator
  2. SMS*
  3. E-mail*
*Notice that each email or SMS sent to Run users will be counted as 1 transaction from the respective service. Make sure to allocate the right amount of these resources to your profile. Read more about Allocating Resources to profiles.

Password strength

The strength of a password is a measure to define how hard it will be to gain access to an account through brute force or simply guessing. You can define mandatory password requirements for your Run users when they change or create a new account, and the following requirements are available:
  1. Must contain upper and lower case letters
  2. Must contain a mix of letters and numbers
  3. Must contain special characters (@, !, &, ...)
  4. Minimum length required
Just like other features within TagoRUN, you can customize the appearance and sentences used for these features on mobile and on the web through the Run Theme and Dictionaries & Multi-language.


Protect your application against non-human actions by requesting captcha tests on Sign In and Sign Up. Distinguishing human visitors from robots to prevent activities like web scraping, spamming, and brute-force password attempts.
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