Run Theme

Run Theme

You have the freedom to personalize the look and feel of the RUN interface, allowing you to craft your application using a unique color palette that resonates with your style. To get started, access the Run module and navigate to the Theme tab. The available customization options are as follows.

1. Signup page

Within the Signup page, you have the options to customize the colors, background, and displayed logo. Furthermore, you can choose between using an image, video, or solid color as the background. Importantly, any adjustments applied to the Signup page will also extend to the Sign-in page.

You can upload the image files for the background and logo on TagoIO's file storage service.

2. Sidebar & Navigation bar

The Sidebar and the Navigation bar are the main components to route your user through the application.

2.1. Sidebar

The Sidebar contains the vertical menu housing your sidebar buttons and the dashboard list. Personalizing the background color ensures that icons and text automatically adapt their colors for optimal contrast and readability.

2.2. Navigation bar

The Navigation bar is the top horizontal menu that displays the logo, notifications and the account menu. Here, you can customize both the color of the bar and its elements.

Furthermore, y
ou have the option to set a custom background image for the navigation bar. There are various Fit options to adjust the image:
  1. Full: the image occupies the full width of the bar, with its height limited to match the bar's height.
  2. Cover: the image occupies the full width of the bar.
  3. Contain: the image occupies the full height of the bar.
Additionally, you can utilize the Repeat option to introduce repeating patterns and adjust the Opacity to blend the image seamlessly with the background color.

In the TagoRUN App, this is also used as the page header.

2.3. Account menu

The account menu allows users to access account-related features and is located on the Navigation bar.
You have the option to incorporate new items into this menu, such as text, links to URLs, or your own dashboards. Read about more the Navigation bar.

3. Pages

You can customize the page header and background that are displayed through the platform modules.

3.1. Page header

The Page header is the element responsible for displaying the title of the module you're using in TagoRUN. You'll find it on dashboards and account settings, but please note that it's exclusively available on desktop platforms. In the mobile app, it's replaced by the Navigation bar.

3.2. Page background

The Page background reflects the module that you are using. Since the dashboards have their own colors settings, modifying these colors will change the appearance for Notifications and Account Settings.
Icons and texts automatically adjust their colors to have the best contrast and readability. However, if you change a dashboard title, color, or icon, that will take precedence.

4. Buttons

Customize the buttons shown on the platform.

5. General

Customize the general elements such as form fields, dropdowns, loadings, and more.

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