Analysis Overview

Analysis Overview

Analysis is a powerful feature that experts and developers can use to implement scripts to analyze and manipulate data from any device in real-time.

The scripts that run at TagoIO are programmed with the Node.js TagoIO's SDK. Get more instructions on how to code scripts in our SDK documentation.

By using the Analysis, you have access to all your data, devices, and even to external services through the use of APIs.

By combining Analysis and Actions you can execute specific scripts whenever a condition is met, such as when a variable with a new value arrives at TagoIO.
For example, you can process your information, convert it, or perform any math transformation for that variable.

You can also add new values in another device's data storage, read the data from there, or setup actions that will send email, SMS, or the data back to a specific device.

There are three main steps that you need to take in order to create and run your scripts on analysis.

  1. Setup your analysis
  2. Code your script
  3. Run it

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