Account Token

Account Token

The secret key used between Tago and external applications are Account Tokens. Any access from an account will only be granted with a valid token, so it is vital that this token be kept secret and only be shared with those you trust.

All sorts of requests can be performed with Account Tokens, so only provide this token to trusted applications.

Managing Account Tokens

Account tokens can be managed by clicking on your account details and selecting your profile. It’s possible to copy the token by clicking on the Copy button option.

More than one token can be created for the same profile, and permissions and expiration dates may also be configured as needed.

A token is generated every time you log in to your account or someone that you shared your profile login. Auto generated tokens are crated with an expiration time of 3 months, and will be deleted automatically after a certain period of time or when the user logout of the account manually.

Types of Permissions

  • Full - full permission to manager all entities from your account, that includes read, create, update and delete. 
  • Write only - create and update all entities from your account.
  • Read only - read all entities from your account.
The account token authenticates the request for the following entities in the account:
  1. Devices
  2. Dashboards and Widgets
  3. Analysis
  4. Actions
  5. Files
  6. Access Management
  7. TagoRun and Run users
  8. Dictionary
Check out our API documentation.


This field defines the life of the token; it can be temporary or infinite (set to never expires).

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