Team Management - Sharing your profile

Team Management - Sharing your profile

You can grant access to other TagoIO accounts to any of your Profiles by using the Team feature. By adding others to your team, they will have access to all the applications that run on that profile. 

The invitation can only be sent to emails that have a TagoIO account. If the user invited doesn't have an account, he will be guided to create one via email notification.

The number of members that you can invite for your profile will depend on your current plan. Check out the list of features available for each plan here.

You can always remove any given access by removing the email from the list.
Only the owner of the Profile is able to invite members.

Invitation Notification

Once you invite a team member, the user can accept the invitation via email by clicking on the link sent or via the push notification displayed in the Admin. 

The invitation is valid for 7 days, after that time it expires and another one needs to be sent. You will be notified by email and push notification if the invitation was accepted or declined.

Accessing the Shared Profile

The new member will be able to access the shared profile by clicking on the profile selection button. Shared profiles have a tag like in the image below:

Learn more about to add, share, and switch Profiles.

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