The innovative dictionary feature from TagoIO provides more possibilities to improve your application by allowing you to edit any messages in your dashboards and to provide your solution in any language.

Translate text messages to any language

Basically, any texts present in dashboard frames, inside widgets, variables, and your RUN application (including the mobile app) can be substituted by the dictionary. You can create your own dictionary by editing fields (key & value) for the languages you want to make available for your end-users. Learn how to setup the dictionary.

Customize texts for the same language

As you can customize any texts, it is possible to simply use the Dictionary to customize messages for even a single language. For example, if you wish to change the default message shown in the tooltip 'Enter full screen' in your RUN application, you can edit the value associated with the key ENTER_FULLSCREEN to something like 'Click here to switch to full screen'.

Also, because a 'Slug' is associated with each dictionary, it is possible to substitute the same data with different texts using '#' instead of the text directly, by using the format #slug.key#

For example, you can show a title in a widget for a certain group of users using #DIC1.TITLE#, and another to others users using #DIC2.TITLE#.  In this case, the values associated with the key TITLE would be different for the dictionaries DIC1 and DIC2.

Learn more about how to customize the messages by reading the article Using Dictionaries & Multi-language.

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