Sharing Dashboards

Sharing Dashboards

A great feature from TagoIO is its native sharing capability for dashboards, because we know that sometimes a dashboard can become an entire feature that you want to share.

If you want to share only the template of your dashboards, use the Distribute feature.
To share applications with your end-user using your brand and custom URL, use the TagoRUN.

To share a dashboard, open the menu for the dashboard you want to share and click on Share Public. As shown below:

The Share Public section can also be accessed by opening the settings page when accessing the dashboard on your Admin.

Dashboards can only be shared once you activate your TagoRUN portal and create an Anonymous User.

Share Public

You can share your dashboard with anyone that receives an URL link. It will not be necessary for the other users to have an account created at TagoIO, or any credentials to sign in. You will need to activate your TagoRun and create an Anonymous User to be able to share your dashboards.

The Anonymous User should have the necessary permissions to access the resources you want to display in your public dashboard. You can do that by creating a a policy in the module Access Management.

A public link can be copied from the Share Public page for both Normal and Blueprint Dashboards.

If your Profile does not have the TagoRun deployed or an Anonymous  User, the Share Public section will display the instructions will need to follow to meet the requirements.
Accessing data from dashboards, even when it's downloaded in .csv format from the widgets, is counted towards your Data Output for Dashboards.

Dashboard Templates

You can also share the template of your dashboard using the distribute feature. In this case, no data is shared, only the template.

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