Data Output for dashboards

Data Output for dashboards

In TagoIO, each time someone accesses data from the Dashboards using TagoIO Admin or TagoRUN, a data output is counted for each variable displayed. For instance, when an end-user loads a dashboard that displays 3,000 registers, this same number will be counted against your dashboard's output limit. This counter is totally separated from the Data Output service

The data output limit for your dashboards, predefined by your plan and applied to each profile, resets every month. If attempts are made to visualize data from your dashboards once this limit is reached, an error will occur. Please refer to the table below for detailed information on the output limits for each plan.

Data Output for Dashboards (registers)
3,000,000 / month
15,000,000 / month
50,000,000 / month

Data consumed by the dashboards will not be counted against the Data Output Service.  You are not billed by data output for Dashboards. 

What happens when I reach the limit

When your account approaches the predefined limit, you will receive a notification suggesting an upgrade to your plan. This notification will be sent to your Admin panel and to your registered email address. Notice that you cannot increase the limit of the data output for dashboard by yourself (differently from the limit control that you have for the general Data Output Service).

Customers on the Scale plan can request an increase in this limit by contacting our Sales Team or opening a ticket through our Help Center.

Monitoring your limit

You can monitor the amount of your dashboard's data output that has been consumed by accessing the account menu in the top right corner of your Admin panel and selecting the 'Hard Limits' option - search for the row "Dashboard Output".

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