Data Export

Data Export

At TagoIO, you have multiple options for exporting data. You can export device data directly from the Admin panel on your device's page, through the API, or directly from Widgets in either the Admin panel or the TagoRun portal. Exporting data will consume your Data Output service quota.

Here's how to use each export source:

From the device page

Access this feature in the Admin panel under the Device module. Select a device and go to the 'Data' tab. Before exporting, use the filtering options to refine your data, preventing unnecessary consumption of your Data Output quota. Learn more about Filtering Variables.

To export, click the 'Export data' button in the top right corner. You will have the following options at your disposal:

1. Columns: Choose the columns to include in your export file.
2. File Format:Select between .csv for spreadsheets or JSON for data interchange.
3. Amount of Records: Decide the number of records to export, which will follow the applied filters.
4. All Data: Option to export all filtered records within the device.

Exporting Chunks

Immutable device types group data into chunks, offering an additional export method. Learn more about exporting data chunks here: Chunk Management

From Widgets

Certain widgets within the dashboard offer the capability to export the data they present. This feature is not available for all widgets. To check, click the three dots in the widget's header. If there's no export option as shown in the reference image, the widget does not support exporting.

Using our API

TagoIO's API endpoints enable programmatic data export. Send a request to the relevant API endpoint with the required parameters. For more details, visit our API documentation.

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