Gauge Overview

Gauge Overview

Gauge contains a collection of metric widgets. You can choose among several types of Gauges that will present the last value of a variable in different formats.


Dials are one of the simplest and more useful widgets. They make it easy to visualize the values relative to a defined range (maximum and minimum limits).

Learn more about the Dial Gauge.


Angular allows you to show your variable in an angular gauge meter.

To learn more about the Angular Gauge.


Solid gauges display your variable in a solid gauge meter.

To learn more about the Solid Gauge.


Clock gauges allow you to visualize the time in a certain timezone. You can see the selected timezone, weekday, hour, minutes and seconds.

To learn more about the Clock Gauge.

VU Meter

VU Meter gauges show the variable in a velocimeter gauge.

To learn more about the VU Meter Gauge.

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