How to integrate TagoIO with Kinéis

How to integrate TagoIO with Kinéis

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add a device through Kinéis. By following this tutorial, you'll be ready to receive Uplink operations from your devices!

1. Create your Authorization code

First go to your TagoIO account, and make sure you've created an Authorization code, since you'll need it later on when configuring the integration in Kinéis.

- Copy it for later!

Note : You only need to create a single Authorization code to connect Kinéis to TagoIO for all your devices.

2. Initialize Your Distribution
Go to your Kinéis Portal and create a new distribution. You can create a new distribution under the sidebar Distribution Sidebar Icon > Configuration > Plus sign

- Add a Distribution Code.
- Add a Distribution Name.
- Fill in the "Active" Checkbox.
- Click "NEXT".

3. Select Your Devices 

Click the Plus button to add a new devices group.
Add a Device Group Code.
- Add a Device Group Name.
- Select the devices to send data to TagoIO.
      - Select them by checking their box and clicking the ">" button to change their position to the right panel.
- Click "CREATE".
Click "NEXT".

Note : The "Device ID" seen here is the Device ID you will utilize when adding the Device at TagoIO.

4. Select Your Data Types and Formats

Click the Plus button to add a new distribution format.
- Add a distribution data code.
- Select the "Processed type Basic" reference format.
- Click "CREATE".
Click "NEXT".

5. Select Your Distribution Endpoint.

Press the Plus button to add a new distribution endpoint group.
- Add a "Code".
- Select the "HTTP" Protocol.
- Add the endpoint URL: "".
- Set Authentication to "NONE".
- Click "Add Headers" 
      - Add the key "Authorization".
      - Add the value <The key you've generated in your Authorization at TagoIO>.

- Click "CREATE".
Click "NEXT".

6. Confirmation

- Verify the information you've entered is correct.
- Press "SAVE".

7. Add your Device at TagoIO

Now, if you haven't already, all that's left to do is add your device to TagoIO!

- To do so head over to your Devices page.
- Click add "+ Add Device". 
Select Kinéis.
- Add the Device ID you've taken from Kinéis.

Great Job! You've successfully integrated Kinéis with TagoIO! 
If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, please refer to the documentation or contact our support team for help.