Downlink for LoRaWAN™

Downlink for LoRaWAN™

TagoIO will send downlink messages to your devices through Configuration Parameters. To do that, just add a parameter called downlink, and uncheck the switch to 'Unread'. Your LoRaWAN TM provider may allow more downlink parameters.

Most network servers require downlinks to be authenticated otherwise they are denied access. If you're having problems sending downlinks, make sure you've correctly generated your authorization codes.

To send downlink messages from TagoIO to your LoRaWANTM provider, go to your list of devices, and select the device. Then, go to the tab 'Configuration Parameters' and edit or create a key parameter called downlink.

The downlink payload should be inserted into the value of the parameter (field on the right side). Here is an example of the screen configuration. 

Make sure the switch in the front of the Key Parameter is set to  "Unread" otherwise TagoIO will assume that this message has already been sent.
Downlink messages can only be sent to your devices when they send an Uplink message. 

If you are using Class C devices or prefer to send payload from Dashboards, read the article Downlinks using Dashboards.

In most cases, the downlink payload format can be expressed in base64 or HEX formats. The connector will automatically convert the payload before sending it down. For more details about this and more options, check out the documentation of your provider.

How it works 

Every time that a non-class C device sends an Uplink message, your LoRaWANTM provider opens a window for downlink messages to be sent back to them, so when that happens, TagoIO will get your downlink parameter, send it to your device, and mark that parameter as 'Read'

For Class C devices, read the article Downlinks using Dashboards.

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