Sharing Connectors & Networks

Sharing Connectors & Networks

TagoIO offers a vast selection of pre-integrated devices and networks, allowing you to easily connect your device. However, with the constant development of new devices and networks, creating a custom Connector or network integration may be necessary. These custom solutions can be shared with your team or any other external Profile for their use.

To share your custom Connector or Network with another Profile, go to the Integrations page, select the connector or network, and then navigate to the Share tab. There, you can enter the profile ID of the person you wish to share it with.

If you wish to make your connector or network accessible to all TagoIO users, you can request to make your connector public directly through our GitHub repository by submitting a Pull Request.

Utilizing the shared Connector

Once shared, the recipient profiles can select your connector when adding new devices through the Connector Selection page. Simply navigate to the list of Shared Connectors to view all that have been shared with you.

Utilizing the shared Network

Custom networks are only applicable for Connectors created by you. To make your custom network available for your connector, head to the configuration page of your network within the Integrations page. Then, navigate to the General Information tab, and select your custom network from the "Select the networks for this connector" option.

Ensure that the Profiles you are sharing the Connector with have access to at least one of the Networks used by the Connector. If the Connector is utilizing a non-public Network, it is crucial to share both the Connector and the Network with the Profile.
Need help creating your connector? Check our article on How to build your own parser.

Once you enable your custom network for a specific connector, the user will be able to choose your network before adding the device.

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