Profiles are similar to having different sub-accounts under your own main account. You can create multiple profiles for persons or organizations and then share them with others. By doing this, you will continue to own the 'sub-account' while allowing others to access each profile separately. 

Benefits of Profiles:

1. Isolate applications from different customers. If you have two profiles, and one of them reaches the service limits for example, only that one will be blocked, the other will not be impacted.

2. Grant restricted access for external individuals to certain applications and organizations.

3. Track cost of individual applications and customers. Visualize breakdown cost per Profile and Services on the Statistics page.

Switching Profiles

To switch profiles, click on the current profile shown on the top left and select another one. 

Adding Profiles

Go to your account, select Profiles from the list, and click on Add Profile

After that, you can go in and edit the profile to change the name, logo, and upgrade services & add-ons for it. 

Each Profile starts with certain services included, it is up to you to increase the limit as you scale up the applications that will run on that Profile.

Renaming your Profiles

Renaming your profile is really simple, just navigate to your Profiles page and select the 'Profiletab. From there, simply click on your profile name, type a new one, and click on 'Save' to finalize your changes.

It is possible to use the exact same name for multiples profiles.

Team management - Sharing Profiles

You can add others to your profiles by adding their e-mails in the team. To invite someone, go to the specific Profile, and select the tab 'Team'. Learn more here.

Before you invite someone to join your team, make sure that the person already has created a TagoIO account.

Generating Account Tokens

Account tokens are used to authenticate requests in the TagoIO API. You can use our API to make integrations and create devices, buckets, dashboards, send data, and more. To create an account token, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Tokens tab
  2. Add a name, permission, expiration,  and click on Generate Token
  3. Insert your password
  4. Click on Generate my token

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