SMS Service

SMS Service

Each time an SMS message is successfully sent by an Action or Analysis function, it is counted as one SMS unit sent. The service limit defined inside each Profile determines the maximum number of SMS that can be sent during a one month period (based on your billing cycle)

Each SMS unit is limited to 140 characters.

If the SMS service limit is exceeded, no SMS in that Profile will be sent until the limit is increased or the billing period ends.

SMS pricing is only valid for US, Australia, Germany, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brasil, Colombia, Japan, and Chile. For other countries, contact us.

SMS messages not used during the period will not be carried over to the next month.

The short number used to send messages is randomly selected by our SMS provider, Amazon SNS, and it may happen that companies that use the same provider share the same short number of origin. It’s expected for users to receive SMS from other services with the same sender number.

Notice that you can use other SMS services and register a unique number; our Analysis is able to integrate with any SMS service. You can look for related articles or ask for specific help in our community for instructions.

More information about pricing and FAQ can be found on our Pricing Page.

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