Limits for Tags, Environment Variables and Device Parameters

Limits for Tags, Environment Variables and Device Parameters

Hi everyone,

Many of our developers use the Tag system, Device parameters, and Environment variables within TagoIO to create IoT solutions, enabling them to explore a wide range of possibilities.

However, each features has specific limits in place to ensure the optimal performance of our services. Please take note of the following limitations for each function:

In a nutshell, Tags are key-value pairs that you can use to add metadata to any TagoIO asset. It helps you organize and identify your assets by attributes like name, location, customer, type, trigger, action, etc.

You can assign up to 30 tags to each asset in TagoIO. Assets include Devices, Actions, Analysis, Dashboards, and Access.

It allows you to send variables value to your Analysis's context, using these variables as "environment" parameters in your script.

You can have up to 20 environment variables for each Analysis.

Work as key-value pairs that can be used to customize the behavior of your Devices, such as how they decode data, send downlink messages, or update the firmware.

The maximum number of parameters per device is 60.

Do you have any questions on how to use these features? Check out our Knowledge Base!