Custom Domain Configuration

Custom Domain Configuration

The Custom Domain & Whitelabel add-on lets you promote your organization's brand using a custom URL for your Run portal. Configuring your Custom Domain is simple, but there are a few requirements to make it work.


Before configuring your Custom Domain in your Admin, ensure you have:
  1. A domain or a sub-domain for your organization; you can get one from the several domain providers in the market. Ensure that you can edit the DNS (Domain Name System) records for your custom domain in the settings of the domain provider.
  2. The Custom Domain & Whitelabel add-on is activated in your profile. Check out our Pricing page for more information.
The Custom Domain & Whitelabel add-on is available per profile. If you need to use a custom domain in another profile, you will need to acquire another add-on.

Adding your Custom Domain

To configure your Custom Domain add-on for your profile, you need to access your Run module and click on the tab Domain. Paste your domain and sub-domain in the respective fields.

You can configure the e-mail domain for messages sent from your application, choosing between one of the options:
Once you are done, confirm your settings to start mapping your Custom Domain.

DNS Configuration

Once the Custom Domain is added, a new tab will be displayed with the DNS registers you need to add to your domain provider's admin console.

Once on your domain provider's console, locate the DNS manager / DNS Settings. You will need to create a record for each of the DNS registers.

Create a record of type CNAME and copy the Key and Values into your record. In total will you will create one record for the Endpoint and SSL certificate, and three records for the E-mail. Once you have it all set up, you can click on the button Check records to verify your configuration.

You can hover over the icon on the right side of each record for more details about the status.
Due to DNS propagation, TagoIO might take a while to identify the registers in your Domain provider. If, even after 30 minutes, your domain is still not working, try verifying if the records were correctly created in your DNS Manager / DNS Settings.
If you click on Check Records without setting up the SSL certificate, the domain will be mapped to your portal, however, the mapped domain name will be disabled. SSL certificate is mandatory since custom domains work via the HTTPS protocol.

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