Control Tower

Control Tower

The Control Tower is an add-on designed to enhance your profile by providing access to features that increase your visibility and control over your data input and output. Additionally, it offers advanced statistics on the usage of your Hard Limits (Rate Limits). By using Control Tower, you can:
  1. View data input and output statistics for each Device.
  2. Set data input and output limits for each individual device or the whole profile.
  3. Visualize Hard Limits usage statistics, offering insights into your requests per minute.
These features enable you to obtain comprehensive information about your device's activities and the usage of your Hard Limits. This understanding of your application's performance allows you to prevent reaching limits that could prevent your application's operation due to account limitations. The Control Tower was developed to enhance the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of your application.

Activate the Control Tower add-on on your Billing page, or check out our Pricing Page.

View your device statistics

Once you activate Control Tower, you can view data input and output statistics for each device under your profile. This allows you to better understand how much data is being streamed to and from your devices.

You can monitor the statistics by going to your Devices module on your Admin and selecting the device you want to visualize the statistics.

The statistics starts being stored once the add-on is added to a profile, meaning that adding Control Tower does not generate statistics for devices retroactively prior to the date of purchase.

Set rate limits for your devices and profiles

One of the Control Tower features is the option to set custom request rate limits for your profile or devices, these rate limits are applied to a wide range of interactions within the platform and are based on your account's plan. There are two types of limits: hard and soft.
  1. Hard limits are fixed and apply to all accounts. They are based on your account's plan. You can read more here: Rate Limits,
  2. Soft limits are flexible and can be customized by you. They allow you to control the input and output of your profile and prevent it from going haywire and consuming too much input and/or output. You can set soft limits for your whole profile or individual devices. It is available once you activate the add-on.
For example, you can use soft limits to protect your devices from malfunctioning and using too much input or output, or to avoid a single device from sending too many requests and reaching the hard limit for requests of your account, which would block other devices from sending or receiving data for a whole minute.

You can apply soft rate limits to your whole profile, so that all devices in the profile follow them. You can also apply a soft limit to a specific device, which will override the profile limits, this can be useful when you need a certain device to have more or less limit than the others.

The hard limits take precedence over soft limits due to restrictions on the API level, You can't set a soft limit higher than the ones in the Rate Limits documentation.
For example: if the hard limit of your plan is 5,000 , even if the soft limit is set to 10,000 requests in a profile or a device, the limit will still be maintained in 5,000 requests per minute.

Setting soft limits on your Profile or devices

To customize the soft limits for a Profile, navigate to your Admin page, access the Profiles & Teams page, and then proceed to the "More" tab.

For managing device soft limits, go to the Devices module, select the desired device, and similarly access the "More" tab.

Monitor your request per minute statistics

A significant feature provided by the Control Tower is the capability to access detailed statistics on Hard Limits through your Admin page. Upon activating the add-on, data regarding your requests will begin to be recorded and presented on the Hard Limits > Requests page. This enables you to view the current, highest, lowest, and average usage of each hard limit. Furthermore, it allows for the display of advanced statistics, offering a historical view of your usage.

In the advanced statistics view, you have the option to filter your usage by date and time, as well as to view only the highest, average, and lowest usage. This is beneficial for understanding how your application is performing and determining if any actions are necessary to mitigate the usage of your hard limits.

The graph will consistently display a minimum value of 25% for usage, regardless of whether the actual usage falls below this threshold. Even if the usage is 0%, it will be represented as 25% on the graph.

Activate now the Control Tower add-on on your Billing page, or check out our Pricing Page for more information.

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