Dynamic Table Widget

Dynamic Table Widget

Dynamic tables are tables that dynamically populate as your data arrive while keeping the history of the previous data in each row.

Editing the dynamic table

It is possible to customize widget color, apply a formula to columns, show time column, show control column, and more.

This widget also accepts features like metadata and series, that can be set in your variable data.

To edit a specific section of this widget, you must hover over the desired element and click it. Promptly, a new page will appear on the right side with all the editable options for the selected element.

This widget works for both dashboards, Normal and Blueprint.

1. 'Data From' Field

Each column has the field Data From, this field allows you to set the device and variable that will be used in this widget.

This field is dependent on the type of dashboard you are using; the difference is explained below.

1.1 'Data From' for Normal Dashboards

From the option 'Data From' on the right menu, select one device from your list of devices and the variable that contains the data.

1.2 'Data From' for Blueprint Dashboards

From the option 'Data From' on the right menu, add the Blueprint device and input the name of the variable that contains the information.

When using a Blueprint dashboard, the field Variable will not list variables to be picked because it doesn't know the devices linked to your Blueprint Device

2.  Grouping data

The dynamic table lets you group related data from multiple columns in the same row by either series or time.

The variable's data that has the same time will be grouped in the same row.

3. Data visualization

The dynamic table offers the possibility of customizing each column's data visualization. It is possible to apply Formula, make cell colors change based on conditions, use icons to represent your data, and more.

The color cell can be sent by the variable metadata.

4. Filtering Data

Filtering data can be done by each column or by the whole table. It's customizable on the Widget's edit screen.

5. Editing data

You can allow users to modify a variable's value inside of a table by enabling the edit option located inside the column's configuration. 

It is possible to set some columns as required when editing the row value

Dynamic Table offers a bunch of field types to indicate what kind of value can be submitted in the input once the user modifies it. These types are Text, Password, Number, Dropdown, Dropdown Multiple, Address, and Device (configured by tags).

These field types have the same behavior as the Form's fields.


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