Trigger by MQTT Topic

Trigger by MQTT Topic

The trigger type, Trigger by Variable, allows you to execute your Action when data is sent to an MQTT topic.

TagoIO has its own MQTT broker that is responsible for pushing data to clients in case something new is published in the specific topics they are subscribed to. To learn more about TagoIO's MQTT system.

There are 2 (two) categories inside of this trigger type:

  1. Single device: Allows you to watch a specific device in your list. Any data that is sent by that device will be tested against your topics to decide if this action should be triggered or not.
  2. Multiple devices: Allows you to watch multiple devices. Any data that is sent by those devices will be tested against your topics to decide if this action should be triggered or not. For this type, you must supply the tag keys and tag values of the devices you want to watch.

Trigger Conditions

After setting up the device, you should set a condition for your action to be executed. To do so, you must head over to the Trigger section.

You can set multiple conditions in an action, if at least one of them results in a match, the action will be executed.

Note that setting up multiple conditions will execute the action only once if any of the conditions are matched. This means that if you send two variables that would trigger the action at same time, it will only trigger one action.

For each row, you need to set the topic that will be listened to. You may use MQTT wildcards for the topic if you prefer.

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