Trigger by Resource

Trigger by Resource

The trigger type Trigger by Resource allows you to execute your Action when a resource meets certain conditions. A resource is one of the following:

For example, you can trigger an Action when a new user sign up in your RUN or a new Device is added. This Action could push a notification to yourself.

Trigger Conditions

After setting up the device, you should set a condition for your action to be executed. To do so, you must head over to the Trigger section.

You can set multiple conditions in an action, if at least one of them results in a match, the action will be executed.

  1. Resource: Select a resource to be tested.
  2. Tag key: The tag key of the resource to be tested.
  3. Tag value: The tag value of the resource to be tested.
  4. Condition: The condition to be watched.

The example above means that the action will be triggered when a Device with a tag key of tag_key and a tag value of tag_value is created.

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