Authorization is used when you need to grant access to external services to your devices.

With a valid authorization, these services also have the ability to create new devices in your account. In this case, these new devices will show up in the list as "Unassigned ", making it much easier to scale up your applications.

Authorization is different from device-token. 

Use authorization only when integrating with external services, such as LoRaWAN or Sigfox. 

Use device-token when connecting directly with HTTPS or MQTT.

Generating an Authorization 

To generate an authorization , go to your Device section and click on 'Authorization'. 

In the next screen, enter a name that you can identify later, enter additional parameters (if requested by the integration), and press the Generate button.

Only certain integrations require 'Additional Parameter'. Check out a list of integrations to learn the parameter needed for each provider.

Once the authorization is created, you can copy and paste it into the external service portal.

How to use the authorization generated depends on the service that you are integrating. Here you can see a list of service integrations.

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