New connector publishing process, now open-source!

New connector publishing process, now open-source!

Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to announce a significant improvement to our process for publishing public connectors or networks on our platform. This change is designed to bring open-source access and enhance collaboration to bring more value to our users.

What's New?

Previously, the process for publishing a public Connector or Network, which involved making it available for all users by listing it in our Connector List, required users to open a ticket. Our team would then review and manually publish the connector. We are now transitioning to a more streamlined and open-source approach. Here’s how it works:

1. Submit a Pull Request: users and sensor manufacturers can now submit a Pull Request on our GitHub repository to create new connectors, address fixes, or update the current ones.

2. Review and Approval: Our specialized team will review the submitted Pull Request and, upon approval, the changes will be applied to our Connector List available for all users.

3. Open-source Access: Users can now access the decoders/connectors code. Most connectors you find in our Connector List are currently available here: Decoders
This is a great opportunity for those who need to customize the payload parser to meet their specific needs.

Access the GitHub repository here:, or through your Admin by navigating to Integrations > Your connector or network > tab More.

We hope this change significantly benefits our users by providing easier access to connector codes, enabling customization, and encouraging collaborative improvements. 

Thank you!