Linking to blueprint device dashboard with an internal link

Linking to blueprint device dashboard with an internal link

Hi everyone,

Last week I worked on creating a blueprint overview dashboard to show the last known locations of every tracker and storing that in a dummy device with a mutable bucket (following this post here).

Now I wanted to add a link to the device metadata to quickly navigate to the detailed tracker page for each tracker.
I've somewhat managed to do that with the following analysis:

  1. const { Account, Device, Analysis, Utils } = require('@tago-io/sdk');

    async function myAnalysis(context, scope) {
      if (!scope[0]) return context.log('scope is required');

      // location is the name of the device variable. Feel free to change this name.
      const location_device = scope.find(x => x.variable === 'location');
      if (!location_device && !location_device.location) return context.log('the location variable is required');

      const battery = scope.find((x) => x.variable === "batv"); // BATTERY VARIABLE
      if (!battery && !battery.location) return context.log('the batv variable is required');

      const env = Utils.envToJson(context.environment);

      // how to get account token? here ->
      if (!env.account_token) return context.log('Missing "account_token" environment variable');

      // your general device token
      if (!env.general_token) return context.log('Missing "general_token" environment variable');

      const account = new Account({ token: env.account_token });

      const sensor_info = await;

     // Uncomment below to add links to metadata
      var tags = sensor_info.tags;

      let i;
      var link;
      for(i = 0; i < tags.length; i++){
      // Find the tracker KEY from device tags
        if(tags[i].key == "tracker"){
          // Assing tracker dashboard links depending on KEY value
          if (tags[i].value == "oyster") {
            link = "" + + "_self";
          else if (tags[i].value == "g62") {
            link = "" + + "&tab=1_self";

      const data = [{
        variable: 'Tracker',
        location: location_device.location,
        // Add link to tracker metadata so it can be displayed as link in infobox
        metadata: {
          url_pin: {
            url: link,
            alias: "View tracker"}},
        variable: 'Battery',
        unit: 'V',
        value: battery.value,
        location: location_device.location,

      const general_dev = new Device({ token: env.general_token });
      await general_dev.deleteData({ groups: });

      await general_dev.sendData(data);

    module.exports = new Analysis(myAnalysis, { token: 'analysis-token' });
Since I have a blueprint dashboard with two tabs for two types of trackers I've set up the for loop to dynamically apply the correct value to the link variable.

Now, this works, but I'm running into the issue where as when you click the link in the infobox of the tracker on the overview page it opens in a new tab. The same type of issue is when using the app; clicking the link opens the browser on the phone.

Can we create internal links to make this user experience smoother? Or is there another way to achieve this?