How to integrate TagoIO with Helium

How to integrate TagoIO with Helium

@Vitor Lima

Here is a quick tutorial showing how to add any LoRaWAN device through Helium (Network Server). By following this tutorial, your setup will be ready to perform uplink and downlink operations (data from and to your end-point devices).

1. First go to the official Helium Documentation and follow the steps to setup Helium with TagoIO.

2. Now, you just need to start adding Device in your TagoIO account.
Go to Devices/LoraWaN Helium, and choose the device connector from the list. Enter your device EUI - you can use the QR code to capture the EUI.

Note: if the device that you are looking for connecting with TagoIO is not in the list, you can always select the Custom Helium option and you can add the Parser for it later.

3. In order to perform downlinks, check the official documentation at TagoIO
Downlink for LoRaWAN™
Downlinks using Dashboards