ABS Telemetry

ABS Telemetry

Devices from ABS Telemetry can be easily integrated with TagoIO. The integration allows uplink communication between the device and TagoIO while parsing the messages in order to extract commands and variables in real-time. 

 You will need to setup your device using the ABS portal and TagoIO account.

ABS Setup

You need to download the ABS software configurator available here.

Open the file Configurator_cel.exe and follow these steps.

The first step is to configure the basic working parameters.  At the main configurator window, be sure to select:

host type 

After that, go to the 'Extended Commands' tab and press HTTP button. Add TagoIO Host on the 'HTTP URL' field.

host URL

Change to method POST and go to 'Send Commands' you will have to configure some commands.

extcmd=postcfg info
return configured values
extcmd = postcfg erase
delete POST settings
extcmd=postcfg Content-type,text/plain;Device-Token,device_token;;;
set the two parameters required to configure POST for Tago.

Replace the text device_token with the value of the device-token.

Learn more information about the ABS devices configuration.

TagoIO Setup

Add a device in your account at TagoIO. Go to Devices and click on 'Add Devices',  filter network by 'Cellular' and pick your device from the list.

Currently, the following device is integrated with TagoIO: ABS CEL IO

Click on 'Create Device', and you will have confirmation that the device was created. 

Turn your device on, and wait for the data to arrive and hit your data bucket, and it will be ready to be shown in the dashboards. You can start to build your Dashboard by adding gauges, tables and more.

Enjoy your ABS devices with TagoIO!

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