Upgrading Plans & Services

Upgrading Plans & Services

When you upgrade your plan from Free to a Starter or Scale plan for the first time, we use this date/hour to define the billing cycle for your account. You will be charged for the full month already, and the plan will be automatically renewed until you cancel or downgrade it.

If you make further upgrades to your plan, we will make a one-time prorated charge at the time of the upgrade for the equivalent reminder days of the billing cycle. 

For example, if you upgrade from the Starter to the Scale plan when there are 10 remaining days in the billing cycle, we will charge 1/3 of the Scale monthly pricing immediately minus the amount already paid for the Starter plan when you confirm the upgrade. In the next billing, we will charge the full price of the Scale plan and the provisioned services.

Some services are not prorated if they are consumable. For example, if you increase the limit of SMS in the middle of your billing cycle, you will be charged for the full price (minus the amount already paid for the previous setting) because you have the right to use all the SMS messages available.

To upgrade your billing, go to Billing on the top right dropdown menu.

How to auto-scale

If you want to automatize the upgrades of your account with an auto-scaling feature, check the following tutorial:
  1.  How to auto-scale your profile limit

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