MQTT Retain on TagoIO Broker

MQTT Retain on TagoIO Broker

What is going on?
I have to say you guys make it really hard to keep using your platform.

From the 01st of July you decided to limit the MQTT access to paying customers which is fine, but to stop the support of the retain feature which is kind of essential i think for MQTT.

On your side you supply a workaround (Article for workaround) but it is actually not mutch help and to complicated to implement a feature which already worked (only with the use of an additional analysis).
For our application we would like to subscribe to a topic to send new settings or similar.

Can you please explain why you guys are constantly change things which worked already?
And can you give a example which publish data once I subscribe to a topic? What I understand in the above article you would need to publish to the subscribed topic?