How to integrate TagoIO with Chirpstack LoRaWAN

How to integrate TagoIO with Chirpstack LoRaWAN

@Vitor Lima

Here is a quick tutorial demonstrating how to add any LoRaWAN device with Chirpstack in your account. For this, you need to access your Chirpstack server.

  1. First go to your TagoIO account, and if this is your first device connected between Chirpstack and TagoIO, you will need to create an Authorization here :

Copy it to use at Chirpstack later.

  • Notes:
    [1] You just need to create one Authorization for all your devices.
    [2] This integration only works for Uplink. No support for downlink is available yet.
  1. Go to the Chirpstack website and create a new HTTP integration. You can create the integration by going to Application > Select your application > Integration, click on create, and select HTTP as an option.

Fill the following fields:

  • Type: HTTP integration
  • Add Header key: Authorization and Header value being the Authorization code copied from TagoIO at beginning of this tutorial.
  • Add Header key: Content-Type and header value: application/json
  • Uplink endpoint:
  1. Now you just need to Add the Device on your TagoIO account.
    Go to Devices/Chirpstack and choose the device connector and enter your device EUI - you can also use the QR code to capture the EUI !

Now you’re done! Just turn your device on, and you will see data arriving on your new dashboard.
If data doesn’t show up on your TagoIO account (use the Live Inspector tab in your Device to see data arriving), make sure you can see data on your Chirpstack portal first, and make sure to check both the keys and the configuration.

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