TagoCore is a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform which you can integrate with TagoIO Cloud. TagoCore runs on all major operating systems, on the edge, and on the cloud.


You can choose to integrate TagoCore with TagoIO to make the most out of your Cloud account and local system. There are several benefits to integrating your TagoIO Account to your TagoCore:

Orchestrate all instances
You will be able to manage all instances of TagoCore right here in TagoIO Cloud. Visualize their summary, computer usage and more!

Visualize realtime TagoCore data
You will be able to visualize your data and see it even in realtime without ever having to store data in TagoIO Cloud.

Interact with your instances
You will be able to activate actions, rename instances, run analyses that can merge TagoCore and TagoIO data, and much more!

To connect your TagoCore with your TagoIO Account, make sure you follow our tutorial located in our TagoCore documentation center.

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