Trigger by Schedule

Trigger by Schedule

The trigger type Trigger by Schedule allows you to define a time interval in order to execute your Actions automatically.

There are 2 (two) categories inside of this trigger type:

  1. By Interval: Allows you to specify a time interval to trigger the Action automatically. You can choose the time interval in the right side, the minimum time allowed is 1 minute.
  2. By Date: Allows you to specify date to trigger the Action. For example, you can choose to run it at the second Wednesday of each month.

Customizing By Date

If you pick the By Date type, you can also choose to customize it in either a basic or advanced way.

Basic customization allows you to customize the date through interface fields, while Advanced customization allows you to write a cron to define the date.

To understand more about the Advanced customization, head over to this article.

1. Basic customization

Basic customization allows you to configure a precise date with the help of an interface.

  1. Repeat Every: Allows you to specify the interval between executions. It allows 3 time units:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
  2. Repeat at: Allows you to specify the time when your Action will be triggered.
  3. Repeat on: Allows you to specify the weekdays when your Action will be triggered.
  4. Timezone: Allows you to set the timezone of the Action. By default the timezone will always be the one defined in your Account.
  5. Customization: Allows you to change between Basic and Advanced customization. The basic mode is the default, but you can choose to use the advanced mode. Click here to learn more about Advanced customization.
  6. Explanation: If you are feeling confused as to when your action will be triggered, check out this field. It tells you exactly when the Action will be executed.

2. Advanced customization

Advanced customization gives you more freedom to trigger your Action by using cron.

To understand more about the Advanced customization and cron logic, head over to this article.

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