Signup Fields

Signup Fields

Inside of your Sign up page, you can add customized fields for the user on top of the required fields of the form. The Field name will be copied into the User tag key, while the value input by the user during the sign up will be copied to the User tag value.

Signup field
Tag created for the User 
Field name  
Tag key
Input from user
Tag value


To create customized fields, you must enter 4 pieces of information.

  • Field name: This will be the tag key (see the table above).
  • Label above the field: This is a text to guide the user, instructing them on what should be entered into this field.
  • Type: There are 3 (three) types of customized fields you can use.
    • Text: The field will be a text type, the user will be able to write anything in this field;
    • Number: The user will only be able to enter numbers in this field;
    • Hidden: The user won't be able to see the field. In this case, the tag will be created automatically with the key of the Field name and the value from the Field Placeholder.
  • Required: Indicates if this field will be required by the user or not. If you set a field to required, the user will be obligated to write something in it before signing up.

Hidden fields are not affected by the required option.

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