Building Solutions

Building Solutions

You can start building your application using your own devices, third party devices, simulators, or external database. Go beyond the typical IoT solution and integrate your application with external services like Microsoft 365, GoogleSheets, Slack, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, ERPs, and more.

Watch this short video to learn the key concepts. 

Take a look at this short interactive introduction about the main features.

Get started to add a device.

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    • Building your own parser

      In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert (parse) a raw payload sent by a device into actual measurable variables.  Data flow structure You can create parses for devices that weren't found in our list of Devices, so that you had to use a ...
    • Getting Started

      Welcome to TagoIO! Here are some options for you to start with TagoIO. Option 1 - Follow the manual steps described below to start quickly. Option 2 - Use our SIMULATOR to start right away even without having a real IoT device in hand. Option 3 - Go ...
    • Sharing Connectors & Networks

      TagoIO offers a vast selection of pre-integrated devices and networks, allowing you to easily connect your device. However, with the constant development of new devices and networks, creating a custom Connector or network integration may be ...
    • Payload Parser

      The Payload Parser handles the raw payload sent by the devices in order to extract the measured variables. For example, it can be used to transform an HEX payload sent by a device into temperature and battery levels. You can also use it to handle the ...
    • Dashboard Overview

      A dashboard is where you place your widgets to visualize and interact with data, all in real-time. Dashboards can also be shared with end-users that will access your application using TagoRUN. All your dashboards are listed on the sidebar of the ...