Distributing analysis

Distributing analysis

You can create a copy of your analysis and send a link to anyone so they can add a copy to their account through a customized install page. They will be able to edit the analysis as they wish.

Others will be able to edit the analysis that they received without impacting yours.

When other users access the link sent by you, they will see the screen like the one shown below. The images and texts are all customizable.

To distribute an analysis, first click in the analysis menu of your admin panel, and then select the desired analysis.

Now head over to the distribute section of your analysis by clicking in the Distribute tab.

The Distribute function relies in creating a customized install page for anyone to install a copy of your analysis, and so, in order to create a customized page just the way you want it, Tago offers the possibility to modify the images and the title of the page.

In the image above, you can set a custom title for the install page in the field Title of the page. You can also replace the default images by custom ones using the fields Logo of the page and Main image of the page, as shown below:

At the bottom of the page, there is a section for you to set the values of the copy's environment variables. The default values are the same values set in your environment variables, but you can always change them and send something different.

Modifying these variables does not mean you also modify your own environment variables. The variables set in this section are only used to be sent to the copy's configuration.

When you have made the adjustments, you can click the Build template button to save the information and build the page. After you build your template for the very first time, a new section will show up in the page with the link to be shared with other users.

All you have to do is click in the Copy button or manually copy the link and then distribute this link to anyone you would like.

It is always a good idea to access the link yourself before sharing to check if the customized install page is up to your standards.

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