Turning coordinates into addresses

Turning coordinates into addresses

Hi everyone,

As the title says I'm trying to turn the coordinates shown of our GPS asset trackers into actual addresses.
I've contacted support about this which stated the following: "... you can try using an external API and Analysis to convert the coordinates into addresses."
Support pointed me to this community forum (which is a great resource by the way) to see if anyone here has knowledge on this subject. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the above-stated matters is not great at all.

So, what I'm trying to achieve is that the coordinates (currently coming straight from the "location" variable of the tracker) shown in the table (see image below) are instead translated to actual addresses (Example: Funstreet 22, 1234AA, Partycity, ...).
If possible it would also be ideal to have this shown on the infoboxes but this is not a priority.

If someone knows how to or can point me in the right direction this would be very helpful.