Sending downlink using ACTION

Sending downlink using ACTION

@Michael Fleming

Hi all,

I am testing the capabilities of a Milesight (formerly Ursalink) UC1114 Lora Remote I/O device and have successfully used analysis example “Sending downlink using dashboard” to control a relay on the UC1114 to switch ON/OFF. However, as the UC1114 has two digital inputs, I would like to use a motion sensor to control the relay by using an ACTION to run an analysis e.g. download environment variable ‘form_payload’ to activate the relay. I have tried to modify the “Sending downlink using dashboard” analysis to perform this action but the script must be run by a dashboard widget and my knowledge of Node.js LTS or Python 3.0 is very limited. When I run the analysis from an action, I get “Missing “form_payload” in the data scope.” in the console window.

How I can adapt the example analysis to perform the intended action?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,
Michael Fleming