Send last variable to a bucket

Send last variable to a bucket


I want to create a device offline alert for my gps tracker. I used the following code so send an offline alert to the bucket of the device which has been offline for a predefined time.
Im getting now the offline alert for the device but without any location coordinates the icon pin on the map would not show up.
how can I include the last location for the device which has been offline in the code below?
  1. // To run analysis on your machine (external)
    // module.exports = new Analysis(myAnalysis, { token: "YOUR-TOKEN" });
    const TagoDevice = require('tago/device');
    const TagoAccount = require('tago/account');
    const TagoUtils = require('tago/utils');
    const TagoAnalysis = require('tago/analysis');
    const moment = require('moment-timezone');

    async function checkIn(context) {
      const env_var = TagoUtils.env_to_obj(context.environment);
      if (!env_var.account_token) return context.log('Missing account_token environment var');
      const account = new TagoAccount(env_var.account_token);

      // Here are some othe example of filter you can use:
      // Get all devices with tag key = lt-10 and value = gps
      const devices = await account.devices.list(1, ['id', 'name'], { tags: [{ key: 'lt-10', value: 'gps' }] }, 2000);

      if (!devices.length) return;

      const now = moment.utc().format('YYYY-MM-DD[T]HH:mm:ss.SSS[Z]');

      const serie =;

      // If min_time = 10, you will receive an alert for
      // every device that does not send data for more than 10 minutes
      const min_time = 1;

      await Promise.all( (dev) => {
        const token = await TagoUtils.getTokenByName(account,;
        const deviceToBeChecked = new TagoDevice(token);

        const [lastData] = await deviceToBeChecked.find({ variable: 'location', qty: 1, query: 'last_item'});

        const minutes = moment(now).diff(lastData.time, 'minutes');

        if (minutes > Number(min_time)) {
          await deviceToBeChecked.insert({ variable: 'alarm_errors', value: 'Offline', serie }).then(context.log);

      context.log('checkin succesfully finished');

    module.exports = new TagoAnalysis(checkIn, 'ANALYSIS TOKEN HERE')