Resizing or horizontal layout in phone app

Resizing or horizontal layout in phone app


I have talked about this in the community before and also other people have, but I guess this belongs here.
The look of the dashboards in a pc is great, everything is quite adjustable and resizable which makes using Tago in the browser very useful. However, when using Tago Run for deploying such dashboards in the mobile app widgets show completely unorganized (I know they show depending when the widget was created) and specially very big, so for example, having 3 cards covers the whole phone screen with 3 giant numbers which don’t give much value. I would like to see more adjustability in the mobile app so more widgets (with smaller fonts) can be fitted in the screen.
In my opinion the best option would be to have a “child” dashboard which would be only for the mobile app and that could be configured using the same data as the original dashboard but with the ability to have less widgets and also resize them according to a mobile phone / tablet screen.

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