QoL Suggestion - Allow user to interact with lists pasting data

QoL Suggestion - Allow user to interact with lists pasting data


When dealing with lots of elements in a multiselect list (for example, a list containing a huge amount of devices),  usually we get to select elements one-by-one or ALL the elements in the field. But what if, for example, I have to select 40 devices from a list of 200? This quickly becomes tiresome to type, search and click each element in the list.

A solution to this effort is to also allow the use to paste a list from another source and filter its elements directly. I'm thinking of my case; where my clients usually gave me to me a huge list of sensors usually in an Excel file o .csv. A way we deal with those sensors in our inventory system is just to paste each element, separated by comma, and their tables came up filtered en masse. I think the same could be applied in Tago.

For example, currently we have to type and click each element (unless we want all the devices) as follows:

Then we paste our filtered list from an outside source, and the amount of choice gets smaller.

The same can be said when dealing with huge tables. Normally we can filter things with tags and such, but what if your have hundreds of devices with the same tag and you have to find 10 of them? Maybe the filter could get this revamps too.