Payload parser not working

Payload parser not working


I have tried many variations of payload parsers to transform this "sparkplug b JSON" formatted data that comes into my device. My device is an mqtt where the payload type is set to auto. 

Each input in the live inspector looks something like this:
{ "topic": "spBv1.0/ogg/DDATA/crescent/will_karl", "payload": "{\"timestamp\":1680491295720,\"metrics\":[{\"name\":\"_Will_Karl_/telemetry/Current Values/Static Pressure\",\"timestamp\":1680491294649,\"dataType\":\"Float\",\"value\":65.449165},{\"name\":\"_Will_Karl_/telemetry/Current Values/Temperature\",\"timestamp\":1680491294649,\"dataType\":\"Float\",\"value\":62.13579}],\"seq\":39}", "qos": 0, "isHex": false, "bucket": "642734aa2da58100084e86ed", "messageId": 0 }

I am trying to parse the payload into individual variables where the name = variable, timestamp = time, the datatype is ignored, and value = value. Any payload parser I run on this device does not work. I even ran a simple one just to change the name of a single variable and it does not execute properly. This should be a simple thing to do but seems like the payload parser won't make any changes at all to the payload.

Please help!