TagoIO nodes now available on Node-RED!

TagoIO nodes now available on Node-RED!

Greetings everyone!

TagoCore is a product developed by Tago and can be fully integrated with its TagoIO platform. It's a free, fast, and open-source IoT platform for edge computing that you can use to parse and analyze the data from your devices!

While TagoCore provides an entire solution to your system, we're constantly optimizing and integrating third-party services since some of our customers are used to it already.

Node-RED is a Browser-Based Flow editor that uses Low-Code Programming for event-driven applications; this allows you to code simple solutions and test them quickly; it's a widely used application among beginners in IoT programming.

TagoCore has integrated this solution, and now you can use our TagoCore Node to send data from Node-RED to your TagoCore client through HTTP.

Stay tuned for the upcoming updates, and we've constantly been improving the Node-RED integration to make your experience as best as possible.