New Updates to TagoIO RTLS Kickstarter

New Updates to TagoIO RTLS Kickstarter

Hello everyone!

We are happy to bring you the latest updates to the TagoIO RTLS Kickstarter! We're introducing a range of new features, improvements, and fixes designed to enhance this this plug and play application.
Image of the RTLS Dashboard

What is TagoIO RTLS Kickstarter?

For those unfamiliar, TagoIO Kickstarter is a free plug-and-play application you can install on your profile to quickly launch your RTLS IoT project for both indoor and outdoor locations. Fully customizable, it allows you to tailor it to your specific needs, whether you're tracking assets, monitoring geofences, or managing alerts.

What's New in the Latest Update?

  • Battery Alerts: Now you can create triggers to monitor battery levels and know exactly when to replace them. This ensures your devices are always operational and reduces the risk of unexpected downtime.
  • Geofence Alerts: We have added pre-built geofence alerts for both indoor and outdoor settings. This means you will always notice an important location update, whether your assets are inside a building or in the field. The expanded RTLS support now includes devices like the Tektelic Industrial GPS Asset Tracker, Tektelic BLE Asset Tracker, and SenseCAP Tracker T1000-A/B.
  • Reports: Generating accurate and comprehensive reports has never been easier. Quickly access the last 10 readings of indoor or outdoor locations, depending on the sensor's location. Each sensor's location history is reset whenever it moves indoors or outdoors, ensuring you always have the most relevant data.
  • Color Revamp: We have revamped the theme color on image markers, providing a more beautiful and consistent visual interface. This improvement ensures that your data visualization is clear and reliable.
  • New Language Support: The Kickstarter now supports both English and Portuguese - BR. This expansion allows a broader audience to utilize our services effectively. We have also improved the experience when creating dictionaries, ensuring smooth operations and reducing potential disruptions.
  • Custom Alert Widget: The new custom alert widget is a powerful tool for creating multiple alerts in the dashboard. You can now set up alerts for geofence entering or leaving and battery levels from one convenient location.
  • Alert Acknowledgment System: We have introduced an alert acknowledgment system. This system tracks when an alert was triggered, provides details, and records who acknowledged it. This enhancement improves accountability and tracking, ensuring that all alerts are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Download this RTLS application and other versions of our Kickstarter here: