NB-IoT device connecting using UDP

NB-IoT device connecting using UDP

@Rob Young

Hi All - great support so far in this community, thanks!

So I have a NB device and have it successfully using MQTT to upload to Tago.io. The problem I have is the MQTT connection seems very unreliable with regular failures and often consecutive failures prompting me to reset the device. As is, I’m not confident to deploy these devices into the field.

I’m wondering if I can connect using the device default of UDP? Or maybe coAP? My understanding is I’d need a network and connector (which I’ve created) but I don’t understand how I configure the device’s firmware to connect.

Device doco is here: https://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/NB-IoT/NSE01/NSE01%20NB-IoT%20Soil%20Moisture%20%26%20EC%20Sensor%20User%20Manual_V1.0.0.pdf

The MQTT firmware settings allowed me to enter a token but UDP only asks for UDP Server and Port. What should I enter here?