Automatically apply dashboard changes to child dashboard

Automatically apply dashboard changes to child dashboard

Hi TagoTeam

I would like to know if the following is possible:

I am creating a main dashboard for watelevel device information. Since we are having multiple users with multiple waterlevel devices, I would like to duplicate that dashboard and just change the device. Now, if I would like to do some changes (eg add a new widget to the dashboard), I would like it to appear on all waterlevel dashboards.

Basically I would like to give each user an own dashboard for each of his waterlevel devices (ideally also one dashboard with individual tabs for each device) but would like to maintain those through one main dashboard template so that if I change that main dashboard template, all child dashboards will update to that change automatically.

With blueprint I just figured I can select a device and then the dashboard will update. But can I somehow multiply that dashboard and keep the changes linked to the main dashboard?

Thank you