HTTP Arduino

HTTP Arduino

Good morning, I'm writing via http on arduino, but only one variable. Do you have any examples of multiples? I need to write 5 simultaneous. Below is the format I'm using for a variable:

//Inicia um client TCP para o envio dos dados
  if (client.connect(server1, 80)) {

    String postStr = "";
    String postData = "variable=temp&value="+String(motor_tensao)+"\n" ; 
    Serial.print("CONECTADO NA TAGO\n");
    postStr = "POST /data HTTP/1.1\n";
    postStr += "Host:\n";
    postStr += "Device-Token: " + apiKey + "\n";
    postStr += "_ssl: false\n";
    postStr += "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\n";
    postStr += "Content-Length: " + String(postData.length()) + "\n";
    postStr += "\n";
    postStr += postData;


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