Firmware for esp8266 connection

Firmware for esp8266 connection

Hi everyone,

today is a Good day, I share my little and simple project for connecting my Lifely Agrumino Lemon device and the awesome TAGO.IO platform.

You can use the code to connect any ESP8266 by editing the datatosend.cpp file and changing the libraries in main you need.
It's all very simple.

This is the link to the project

This is the link to the repository

I use it for our Lifely device to transmit the following data from the built-in sensors:
illuminance, temperature, soil moisture, battery level, battery voltage and bool USB connection check for battery recharge.
For more specifications visit our website

Inside you will also find the "always on"  function, which can be activated and deactivated according to your use.

Using this firmware with another ESP8266 and with connected sensors / actuators you can send all available data on bucket

I hope you find it useful,
for any question I'm available!!!

Happy to all !!!!!

Foddis Gabriele.