Filter data from multiple buckets.

Filter data from multiple buckets.

I intend installing rfid readers onto 10 tractors. These readers will read tags at various places E.g. Garage, refueling station, main gate and fields etc. Each reader is a device on tagoIO and will store its data in its associated bucket. 

Acquiring information about each tractors movements is a matter of querying and filtering data from the respective device bucket.

My problem is if the user wants to know how often the tractors were at the refueling station over a set period this would require querying all the device buckets and filtering the data. How do i go about this?

It would be great if I could have many devices associated with one bucket this would make querying and filtering data for all the tractors simple.

Could someone help me to query many buckets or show me how to get many devices to store data into one bucket.

Steven Flaxman
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