Error with Analysis using the script Creating Device

Error with Analysis using the script Creating Device

Hi everyone,
what is wrong with the  output below when I'm  trying to add a new device eui from the Device Dashboard?

[2022-07-09 19:32:06] Analysis Called.
[2022-07-09 19:32:06] Duration: 1s Billed Duration: 1s.
[2022-07-09 19:32:06] Analysis finished.
[2022-07-09 19:32:06] node:internal/process/promises:279 triggerUncaughtException(err, true /* fromPromise */); ^ [UnhandledPromiseRejection: This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). The promise rejected with the reason "Device can't be found".] { code: 'ERR_UNHANDLED_REJECTION' }
[2022-07-09 19:32:06] > TagoIO-SDK: No region or env defined, using fallback as usa-1.
[2022-07-09 19:32:06] Creating your device
[2022-07-09 19:32:05] Starting Analysis...

Script that I'm using for the analysis is the default one called Creating Device.
Below the full script:

 ** Analysis Example
 ** Creating devices using dashboard
 ** Using an Input Widget in the dashboard, you will be able to create devices in your account.
 ** You can get the dashboard template to use here:
 ** Use a dummy HTTPs device with the dashboard.
 ** Environment Variables
 ** In order to use this analysis, you must setup the Environment Variable table.
 **   account_token: Your account token. Check bellow how to get this.
 ** Steps to generate an account_token:
 ** 1 - Enter the following link:
 ** 2 - Select your Profile.
 ** 3 - Enter Tokens tab.
 ** 4 - Generate a new Token with Expires Never.
 ** 5 - Press the Copy Button and place at the Environment Variables tab of this analysis.
const { Analysis, Account, Utils, Device } = require('@tago-io/sdk');

async function startAnalysis(context, scope) {
  if (!scope[0]) {
    return context.log('The analysis must be triggered by a widget.');

  context.log('Creating your device');
  // Get the environment variables.
  const env = Utils.envToJson(context.environment);
  if (!env.account_token) return context.log('Missing "account_token" environment variable');
  else if (env.account_token.length !== 36) return context.log('Invalid "account_token" in the environment variable');

  // Instance the Account class
  const account = new Account({ token: env.account_token });

  // Get the token of the settings device used in the dashboard, then instance the device class.
  // We will use this to send the Validation (feedback) to the dashboard.
  const dashboard_dev_token = await Utils.getTokenByName(account, scope[0].origin);
  const dashboard_device = new Device({ token: dashboard_dev_token });

  // Get the variables sent by the widget/dashboard.
  const network_id = scope.find(x => x.variable === 'device_network');
  const connector_id = scope.find(x => x.variable === 'device_connector');
  const device_name = scope.find(x => x.variable === 'device_name');
  const device_eui = scope.find(x => x.variable === 'device_eui');

  if (!connector_id || !connector_id.value) {
    return context.log('Missing "device_connector" in the data scope.');
  } else if (!network_id || !network_id.value) {
    return context.log('Missing "device_network" in the data scope.');
  } else if (!device_eui || !device_eui.value) {
    return context.log('Missing "device_eui" in the data scope.');

  const result = await account.devices.create({
    name: device_name.value,
    // Serie number is the parameter for device eui, sigfox id, etc..
    serie_number: device_eui.value,
    tags: [
      // You can add custom tags here.
      { key: 'type', value: 'sensor' },
      { key: 'device_eui', value: device_eui.value },
    connector: connector_id.value,
    network: network_id.value,
    active: true,
    type: "immutable"
  }).catch((error) => {
    // Send the validation to the device.
    // That way we create an error in the dashboard for feedback.
    dashboard_device.sendData({ variable: 'validation', value: `Error when creating the device ${error}`, metadata: { color: 'red' } });
    throw error;

  // To add Configuration Parameters to the device:
  account.devices.paramSet(result.device_id, { key: 'param_key', value: '10', sent: false });

  // To add any data to the device that was just created:
  // const device = new Device({ token: result.token });
  // device.sendData({ variable: 'temperature', value: 17 });

  // Send feedback to the dashboard:
  dashboard_device.sendData({ variable: 'validation', value: 'Device succesfully created!', metadata: { type: 'success' } });
  context.log(`Device succesfully created. ID: ${result.device_id}`);

module.exports = new Analysis(startAnalysis);

Thank you in advance,