Data from Bucket in Python

Data from Bucket in Python

Hy my name is Lucas and im new in Python and id like to ask a help in a subject.

I could already connect into my account using tago sdk in phyton but i could not get the bucket data from a variable using phyton .

I can get the header from the bucket.

{'status': True, 'result': [{'id': '6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa73678e', 'key': 'payload_type', 'value': 'auto', 'sent': False}]} {'status': True, 'result': []}

if i export these data from dashboard or direct from bucket in tago , i can get the data , but not from phyton.

Could someone give me a exemple about how to do it ?

follow a part of the code im using.

data = {
'variable''totalFlow' ,#'inputs',
'end_date''07/07/2022  15:43:03' ,
'start_date''07/07/2022  16:19:21'
result_par = my_device.getParams(data)
result_find = my_device.find(data)  


Lucas Prado

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