Data does not show up in the data tab, but has been added to it.

Data does not show up in the data tab, but has been added to it.

Currently I would like to send historical data via a MQTT device.
It works as intended, but once I add the time to the payload it does not show up in the data tab.
For testing what could be wrong i delted the data for the device and used following example with the emulator.

  1. [
            "variable": "sn_t",
            "value": "123456asdf",
            "time": "2024-06-19T17:43:41.115",
            "metadata": {
                "mqtt_topic": "data"
I let the Inspecotr run while testing and it says "data added"

  1. 15:49:24:
    [POST] HTTP Request:
    "From: [Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:127.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/127.0] - Content-Type: application/json - Token Ending: 354fd"

    Raw payload:
    [ { "variable": "sn_t", "value": "123456asdf", "time": "2024-06-19T17:43:41.115", "metadata": { "mqtt_topic": "data" } } ]

    Bucket [69fa]:
    "1 Data Added"
This statement is correct! The data has been adedd and can be accessed via a dashboard with the send in the payload, however it does not appeare in the data tab in the device itself.
If I navigate to the chunks tab it will also diplayed here and it can be dowloaded from there.

If I remove the time line from the payload the parser uses the current time and the data shows up in the data tab.
Does anyone have suggestion to solve this issue?
Funny thing it started working as intended a few hours after I posted this.
Nothing has been changed on my side what so ever. I was just about to setup one device for a test run if the data gets published correct in the dashboard regardless of the described problem above.